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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions are private Information!

Google Chrome and Firefox Extensions are private Information!

Technical ashis

It was learned two days ago, as you are Browse all of its information in incognito mode Facebook and Google were keeping up. This time Google again in the face of the question. Google Chrome and All your personal information through Firefox. Information is getting corrupted. It's been so serious lately A cyber expert brought the campaign. Cyber ​​Security Specialist Sam Jadaly The personal information of nearly 1 million users These two browser extensions have been stolen From.
Technical ashis

Google Chrome and Firefox users To keep their browsing sites safe Many times for ad blocker extensions You use But these are too Safe, it's not. He made such a claim Cyber ​​Security Specialist Sam.
 According to the ad blocker, eight browsers. The extension is about 4 million Google Chrome and Firefox is corrupting user data Sam is claiming. Just browsing them No, from the personal information of their tax return Starts medical record credit card information And other important information Extensions are getting corrupted.
Technical ashis

Last Friday, Ars Technica's Dan Goodin From a report submitted by Jadali, The data is leaked by the name Nacho Analytics Through an organization which is whatever To Analyze Website Data Gives access $ 10 to $ 50 this information Is available
This error occurs in eight browsing extensions. The information includes the user's car From the documentary, buy a new car Has been his number and buyer's name, address Confidential information is all being faked. not only that, Beginning with the details of a reggae Send travel information to Facebook Messenger Messages, Facebook pictures and other personal information Now available in the public domain.

Nacho Analytics, 5,000 trafficking Monthly domain for keeping up with the website Taking $ 49 each. Security Experts According to this, any user is the user of his browser Deletion of this information is likely to be stolen There will be less.

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