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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

If you have 7 App on your phone, delete it now ..... Otherwise,

Technical ashis

Report: - Google removes 7 apps from Play Store over alleged surveillance While apps are primarily intended to be used for child protection and theft of stolen phones, they are also used to monitor employees or partners. This app monitors the location of the person concerned, contact list, SMS and even call history.

Mobile security and anti-virus company Avast reports that one Russian devoloper is behind every app.

Anti-virus has removed these apps from the Google Play Store after being identified as dangerous, but netizens have not been eliminated even after being removed from the Play Store. In the meantime, these Viva apps have been installed on the devices of millions of Internet users. Spy tracker and SMS tracker app have been downloaded 50 thousand times

An Avast executive says that they are unethical and problem-prone for privacy reasons, so they should not be used on sites like the Play Store.
Technical ashis

The app removes the US company and the Play Store just after receiving the complaint Through apps, they used to collect Gmail and its password from users, which used to destroy all the confidential information contained in their mobile app devoloper. Internet security experts claim that Internet users should be more aware even though the app has been removed

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