Nokia 4g mobile in 3000 rupees। - Technical ashis


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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Nokia 4g mobile in 3000 rupees।

Nokia coming in three thousand bucks The new 4G phone
Technical ashis

With two new feature phones in Indian market El is once the number one mobile company in India Nokia. HMD Global launches on Wednesday. | Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 under the name Forazi. Two new feature phones. Which is from next month Will come to the market for buyers.
 Nekia The 105 contains a polycarbonate body, which is three Available in different colors. That's on this phone The operating system is the Nekia series 30+ | In addition to the completely new design Nakia 220 is appearing in the market Forgey.
Technical ashis

The history of the Nicaea 105 is very old. 2013 The first launch with a 1.45-inch TFT display The Nicaea was followed by the Nicaea 105 After being sold to MicroStar in 2015 Microsoft is launching the second generation of this phone This phone's storage is slightly enhanced.
Was done This is followed by HMD Global in 2017 This is the third generation launch of the phone Was done This is the fourth generation of the phone Launched. On the other hand, the market for the first time in 2014 | This was the first after the Nekia 220 | Nekia brought the updated version of the phone. Although the Nikia 220 is supportive of the phone The Nokia 105 is only available on 2G phones
Technical ashis

The Nekia 105 is priced at 13 Euros which is Indian About one thousand rupees in currency. Sell ​​this phone Beginning in August. The mats are three colors blue, | This phone can be found in pink and black. Priced for the Nokia 220 Forgee 39 Euros, which is about three thousand in Indian currency The money These can be found in blue and black The phone It will also be available in the market from August Said the company.
Technical ashis

1.77-inch Q-Q VGA display-cum series There are 30+ operating systems for the new Nekia At 105 a. With Micro USB Perth, Twiggy connectivity, FM radio. In addition There is a 800 mAh battery. Which is the phone By type will give very good battery backup It seems to be. Also a 3.5mm The audio jack is on this phone.
Come on this time, the Nekia 220 Forgey. About the phone. This is forgettable feature phone | There is a 2.4 inch QQ VGA display. This phone has been used for feature operating System. There is a stay for connectivity MicroUSB Pert. Staying with me, Nana SIM slot, Forgey, Bluetooth, VGA camera. A. There are also 1,200 mAh batteries Backup.

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