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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

When is 5G coming to India? Find out

When is 5G coming to India?

Technical ashis

Report: - Prime Minister Narendra Modi is committed to moving ahead with the vision of Digital India. The 5G network is set to launch from early next year. But telecommunication officials are skeptical about how far its implementation is possible with the current infrastructure

According to Tilkaraj Dutt, chief secretary of The Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (taipa), 5G's success is possible only if a large number of towers and optical fiber cables can increase network density.

According to experts, India still lags behind in terms of fiber-based networks. In order to operate the 5G network properly, optical fiber is required to be installed at a rate of 10 million kilometers a year.

 But there are only two and a half million kilometers of fiber being installed every year. And so the thought on the forehead is the fold of telecoms.

Telecom officials have said that by 2022 it will have five times more work than the current one, which means that 1.5 billion kilometers of optical fiber will be installed

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