Jio phone 3 - Technical ashis


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Friday, August 9, 2019

Jio phone 3

Reliance with MediaTek processors Bringing Jio Phone 3

Jio phone 3 technical ashis


Telecom operator to bring Reliance Jio Jio Phone 3 is going to the company on 12 August The phone is expected to be launched at the annual general meeting The company is thinking. According to a report from My Smart Prize, this is Telecom giant has been a 4G feature for quite some time Was working on the phone. This is the 3G phone will be known as jio phone 3.
Jio phone 3 technical ashis

Although This is so far from the company's side No such thing was said about the phone. According to the report, jio phone 3 is MediaTek Will be powered by chipset. previous to jio On this phone compared to the phone (jio phone 2) Great reforms have been made. In 2017 Reliance Jio brings their first phone to India Come on Jio phone 2 in august 2018 Is brought.

Jio phone 3 low price

MediaTek this time with several new features Processor powered 4G phone jio phone 3 in India This company is about to bring.

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