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Sunday, 5 July 2020

Chinese app ban Message from India

Chinese app ban
Message from India
Dil America

Mysepik Webdesk: 59 in India overnight
Chinese apps are banned.
Section 69A of the ItInformation Act and 2009
Related Trends of the Year's Information Technology Rules
The government has done it. Sovereignty, defense
And this step is in the interest of national security.
The Center has reported that the taken. India
The US has welcomed the decision.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompey says
India's decision to protect the country's internal security
It will be stronger.

Chinese app ban Message from India Dil America

US Secretary of State at a press conference
"There are some mobile apps that are chinese.
Communist Party surveillance
The decision to ban them used
India has taken it.

We welcome this move from India.
He added, "The decision to ban the app
strengthen the sovereignty of India and
Internal security and integrity of India
Be safe. "

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