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Monday, 5 April 2021

From the mighty to the destitute

 On his deathbed, Alexander the Great summoned his general and said, 'After my death, you will fulfill my three intentions. My first wish is that only my doctors will carry my coffin. My second intention is to scatter the gold and silver I have earned along the way to my coffin. And the last intention is, My two hands will be hanging out of the coffin while carrying the coffin. ' His general then asked him why he was doing this strange thing. Sighing, Alexander said, 'I want to leave three lessons in front of the world. -

 I have asked my doctors to carry coffins for this reason so that people may realize that doctors cannot cure a person. They are powerless and unable to protect themselves from the clutches of death. '

 The second lesson is to spread gold and grains on the way to the graveyard to show people that we should give our all to others before we die.

 I told him to spread my arms out of the coffin and leave the world empty-handed to let people know. I have spent my whole life to get state, wealth, fame but I can't take anything with me. Let people understand that running behind all this is a waste of time. '

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