Guaranteed happiness for uncertain happiness

 An economist and a young man were traveling by train. The young man was anxious. After a while, the two became acquainted. At one point in the conversation,

 the young man told the economist, ‘I got married seven years ago. I have a 5 year old daughter.My wife and I used to study in the same class. 

He is a good man. I have also had considerable success at work. But I met a beautiful girl a year ago and I love her. ’The economist asked the young man,‘ What have you decided to do in this situation?I want to divorce my wife. But the final decision has not been made yet. So I am very worried. 'The young man replied. ‘Choosing one of the two is not really an easy task. 

The dilemma that you think is working with this is very normal. The economist was silent for a while; Then he said, ‘But if you analyze with the theory of economics, your problem can be solved. Suppose you did a great job as your boss.

 Now he wants to reward you. He told you to choose one of the two prizes. There are two rewards: you will be given two lakh rupees in cash; Or after three years you will be given three lakh rupees. Which one will you take? 

’‘ Of course I will take the cash prize ’, the young man replied without thinking. ‘Why?’ The economist asked. ‘Cause, the future is uncertain. Who knows what will happen in a few years? 

After three years, my boss may not be there. Or the value of money may go down after three years. 'The young man replied wisely.

 The economist laughed and said, ‘You are right. The present is worth more than the future. Likewise, present happiness is more valuable than future happiness.

 Because, the future is always uncertain. Who knows, maybe in the future that beautiful girl will never love you again; The two of you may not have a good relationship then. 

You know your current wife; She loves you and she is a good person. So you should rely on the present, cling to the present happiness;

 Do not give up the present happiness in the hope of future happiness. ' He said, ‘I will get off at the next station.I will not go to my girlfriend,

 I will go to my wife. The whole thing is now as clear as daylight to me. Thank you so much for giving me good advice.

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