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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Rejection is the motivation for success

 A boy loved a girl very much, the girl was not very beautiful. But for that boy, the girl was everything. The boy dreamed of spending the rest of his life with the girl. His friends said to him one day, “Have you ever told the girl you love so much?The girl doesn't even know that you dream so much about her. Tell her everything first, then hear from her if she loves you too ”.

 Hearing this, the boy decided that he would tell the girl about his love. The girl knew from the beginning that the boy loved her. When the boy told the girl about his love, the girl rejected him. The boy's friends thought that this time the boy might start taking drugs and alcohol and ruin his own life. But they were surprised when the boy did nothing. The boy said, “Why should I feel bad? I lost someone who never loved me and he lost someone who really loved him. "

 We also face rejection and failure at different times in our lives. It is advisable to seek inspiration from this and seek the right reason for rejection without being rejected and broken.

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