Desi app that will protect against smart phone theft

The role of smartphones in daily life is also incomparable. Nowadays we have become a smartphone dependent nation. And when we use this smartphone, we lose a lot of time or get stolen. But now, even if the smartphone is stolen, an Android app called 'Thiefguard' has been launched in the market to protect it from thieves. The app has been launched by a local technology company called Softology Limited. The app will also help you recover and identify your lost device.


This app will help to know the picture and location of the thief from the stolen mobile phone. However, the most interesting thing is that even if the thief tries at this time, he will not be able to turn off the mobile phone. Can't connect to computer. No one will be able to access any data on the device on the mobile phone without the permission of the real owner. The app will inform the owner of the new SIM number even if the SIM of the mobile phone is changed!

As soon as the phone is stolen, go to from any computer or smartphone and login with the username and password, then the camera of the stolen mobile phone will be turned on. The app will then send pictures from the stolen mobile phone to the e-mail of its real owner. And at this time, if the GPS is turned on, then the location will continue to send.

Another feature of the app is that the owner of the mobile phone can lock the screen of the lost phone if he wants. In any public place, the siren will sound if someone else wants to take the mobile phone out of his pocket.

You can scan for viruses at any time. If the mobile phone is on the table or somewhere else with a charge and at that time someone wants to open the phone from the charge, an instant siren will sound. The alarm will continue to sound through this app until you go to the specified option with the correct pattern.

The use of smartphones is increasing rapidly in the world including Bangladesh. This smartphone stores a lot of essential information, phone numbers, photos and many other important information. But if the phone is stolen or lost, it becomes very difficult to get the necessary information. If this app is installed on the smartphone, the phone can be used without fear in the future and your personal information, phone number and favorite mobile phone will be protected. This app can be used in any version from Android-6.

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