Amazon Home Internet Service Planned Launch Date & Cost

Amazon Sidewalk


As of my knowledge cutoff of September 2021, Amazon has announced that it plans to launch its own home internet service called Amazon Sidewalk in select cities starting in 2021. However, Amazon has not yet provided specific information regarding the exact launch date or the cost of the service.

Amazon Sidewalk is expected to operate on a low-bandwidth network, allowing for devices to connect to the internet even if they are located outside the range of a traditional Wi-Fi network. The service will use a combination of Amazon-owned wireless signals and customers' own Wi-Fi networks to create a shared network that can be used for a variety of purposes, including connecting smart home devices and providing basic internet connectivity to areas with limited coverage.

As of my knowledge cutoff, Amazon has not provided any further updates regarding the launch date or cost of Amazon Sidewalk. It is possible that more information may be available in the future as Amazon moves closer to the launch of the service.

Amazon Sidewalk launch unclear

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